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Jem Williams

Author, Visual Explorer


A boy daring to live in the shadow of a world-altering conspiracy, a man upon the sharp edge of sanity: Baer D’Alene’s soul-wrenching past is his second chance.

Fourteen and bubble-wrapped in the body of a nine year old, Baer is trapped behind the oceanic walls of his father’s privilege and Heaven’s Gate — a floating space elevator and scientific internment city. But, when his dreams of exploration become a nightmare, he finds himself caught in a dystopian conspiracy that grows into a cataclysmic political, philosophical, and scientific struggle for primacy. 

Entangled in the destiny of a nebulous project called ReGenesis, a whirlwind of secrets and sacrifice rips Baer from his old life sending the inexperienced, unqualified, and untested small boy into the hands of a black-ops team. Begrudgingly marshalled through a coup, by an Amazonian operative, Baer must prove to both the team and to himself that he is worth saving, as he fights for a place on humanity’s last life raft.

ReGenesis is an epic science fiction with a core mystery experienced through the duelling perspectives of both the boy and the man named Baer. This time stretching tale explores a child’s hopes in a world ruled by adults, and a man’s fears as he struggles against nature, himself, and his dependence upon an ominous technology.

Pantheon Conspiracy

ReGenesis struck Olympus like a bell, now an uncomfortable truth rings through her crowded halls; humanity’s new beginning has come at a cost, a toll some cannot pay. Rolling blackouts, tightening rations, overflowing living quarters, Earth’s survivors were meant to be scientists, engineers, and technicians who earned their seats by strength of talent and will. But not all who survive are chosen. Lunar refugees and stowaways strain the colony ship’s meritocracy as it teeters upon the edge of a precipice wondering what more it must sacrifice to ensure their kind’s survival.

And so the day humanity steps out into a new world of vast open plains it sees space to grow and a view to die for, but Baer D’Alene soon discovers the toxic air isn’t the only force threatening his friends, his family, and his future. With the fate of his home at stake, Baer finds himself ensnared in the primal competition between man and nature. Tested against those who are stronger, taller… mightier, the fifteen year old impostor must stand among Earth’s giants and prove even the smallest among them deserves a home. But can a boy claim a place in the light before the harsh spotlight of politics exposes a lie from his past that endangers not only his life but the very nature of humanity?

Umbrian Son

Baer D’Alene is a survivor, but on life’s battlefield there is a punishment worse than death—exile. Driven from his home, he is a wayfarer with no place to lay down his blade, to end his war for wars begins and end in the mind. No rest in night, nor solace in the dreams of day, his memory is a siren. Her past as untrustworthy as her future, hiding truth among lies, she consumes the unwary traveller. To lose his fight, means losing reality and so the old man’s greatest war is against himself. But a boy’s battle is of the heart, dreaming of being that man, of fighting his wars, of loving like he’ll never live again.

A man divided, Baer made a promise no man could keep. The day he finally remembers the toll of love’s bell it will test not only his sanity, but his humanity. For to keep his word the Umbrian son must rise to claim h . is birthright. But in doing so he would set in motion the gears of a war whose victor will hold the power to reshape humanity to their desires